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Stage fright and TV talent shows

PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2009 12:26 am
by Andy Evans
I was touched to see a very young singer break down completely on "Britain's got talent". One mistake And and Dec made was to announce her as having "nerves of Steel (her name)". Absolutely the WORST thing you can do is make a performer THINK of stage fright. Pre-performance containment requires you to focus entirely OUT of the body, so you don't register the changes in your body caused by adrenalin.

But having said that I thought the show handled the incident pretty well. The mother came on stage immediately, the hosts comforted the poor girls and the show's producers let her sing again.

I remember talking to Irish agent and panellist Luis of the X factor (I think?) and offering him my services for singers suffering from stage fright. He wasn't interested - to him it was part of the showbiz scene. Cynical, but there we are. Obviously stage fright is "good TV"

andy evans